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Latest BSNL Andhra pradesh Broadband Tariff plans 2021

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited one of the Best Telecommunications in India offering high speed internet plans (Broadband plans over Bharat Fiber FTTH and ADSL services) at affordable rates.

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BSNL Andhra pradesh Bharat fiber FTTH broadband tariff plans

Plan NameRent PMBandwidthFUP Limit / After speedFreebies
150GB Plan CS300 430Upto 30Mbps till 150GB2Mbps beyond 150GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Fiber Basic 449Upto 30Mbps till 3300GB2Mbps beyond 3300GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
BBG Combo ULD 470Upto 8Mbps till 30GB1Mbps beyond 30GB24hrs ULD calls to BSNL, Night ULD on Sundays from 10:30pm-06:00am
100GB CUL 499Upto 20Mbps till 100GB2Mbps beyond 100GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Fiber Basic Plus 599 599Upto 60 Mbps till 3300 GB2Mbps beyond 3300GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
4GB BSNL CUL 629Upto 10Mbps till 4GB/day2Mbps beyond 4GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Super Speed Combo ULD 645Upto 10Mbps till 125GB2Mbps beyond 125GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
400GB Plan CS95 645Upto 40Mbps till 400GB2Mbps beyond 400GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
BB Home Rural Combo ULD 650Upto 10Mbps till 5GB/day2Mbps beyond 5GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
5GB BSNL CUL 729Upto 10Mbps till 5GB/day2Mbps beyond 5GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
500GB BSNL CUL 777Upto 100Mbps till 500GB5Mbps beyond 500GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Super Star 300 779Upto 50Mbps till 300GB2Mbps beyond 300GB24hrs ULD calls to BSNL, Night ULD on Sundays from 10:30pm-06:00am
Fiber Value799Upto 100Mbps till 3300GB2Mbps beyond 3300GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
600GB CUL 849Upto 50Mbps till 600GB2Mbps beyond 600GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
12GB BSNL CUL 899Upto 10Mbps till 12GB/day2Mbps beyond 12GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Home Rural Home USOF Combo 899Upto 2Mbps FlatUndefined24hrs ULD calls any Net
BB Home Combo ULD 900Upto 10Mbps till 15GB/day2Mbps beyond 15GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
BBG Combo ULD 945Upto 10Mbps till 250GB4Mbps beyond 250GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Bharat Fiber Super Star 500 949Upto 50Mbps till 500GB2Mbps beyond 500GBFree Hotstar + 24hrs ULD calls
Fiber Premium 999Upto 200 Mbps till 3300 GB2Mbps beyond 3300GBFree Hotstar + 24hrs ULD calls
650GB plan CS96 1045Upto 80Mbps till 650GB8Mbps beyond 650GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Super Speed Combo ULD 1045Upto 24Mbps till 300GB4Mbps beyond 300GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
10GB CUL Family 1199Upto 10Mbps till 10GB/day2Mbps beyond 10GB/day24hrs ULD calls any Net
750GB Plan 1277Upto 100Mbps till 750GB2Mbps beyond 750GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
22GB BSNL CUL 1299Upto 10Mbps till 22GB/day2Mbps beyond 22GB24hrs ULD calls any Net
Bharat Fibre Ultra 1499Upto 300Mbps till 4000GB4Mbps beyond 4000GBFree Hotstar + 24hrs ULD calls
25GB BSNL CUL 1599Upto 10Mbps till 25GB/day4Mbps beyond 25GB24hrs ULD calls
30GB BSNL CUL 1849Upto 16Mbps till 30GB/day4Mbps beyond 30GB24hrs ULD calls
Bharat Fiber 33GB1999Upto 100Mbps till 33GB/day4Mbps beyond 33GB24hrs ULD calls
35GB BSNL CUL 2349Upto 24Mbps till 35GB/day4Mbps beyond 35GB24hrs ULD calls
BSNL 40GB CUL 2499Upto 100Mbps till 40GB/day4Mbps beyond 40GB/day24hrs ULD calls
1400GB CS20 Plan 2795Upto 100Mbps till 1400GB10Mbps beyond 1400GB24hrs ULD calls
Bharat Fiber 55GB CUL 4499Upto 100Mbps till 55GB/day4Mbps beyond 55GB/day24hrs ULD calls
Super Speed Combo 5774Upto 24Mbps till 2890GB4Mbps beyond 2890GB24hrs ULD calls
80GB CUL 5999Upto 100Mbps till 80GB/day6Mbps beyond 80GB/day24hrs ULD calls
Combo ULD Plan 200GB6930Upto 4Mbps till 200GB2Mbps beyond 200GB24hrs ULD calls
120GB CUL 9999Upto 100Mbps till 120GB/day8Mbps beyond 120GB/day24hrs ULD calls
170GB CUL 16999Upto 100Mbps till 170GB/day10Mbps beyond 170GB/day24hrs ULD calls

BSNL Customers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BSNL fiber broadband customer care   
Subscribers can contact any BSNL customer care number for broadband plans over FTTH (BSNL fiber to the home) services for any complaint or BSNL fiber disconnection or else can approach nearest customer service center for further assistance or complaints related to billing or network or excess amount billing.

BSNL bharat fiber ftth : PSU is providing FTTH services over BSNL fiber to the home services at affodable rates of broadband fiber optic plans @ below Rs.500/- per month.

BSNL fiber apply Online: BSNL is facilitates every customer hassle free connection through online booking as simple with door step services at home without visiting any BSNL customer service center (According to the technical feasibility availability of the circle).

BSNL fiber broadband installation charges : Recently BsNL has revised installation charges for landline broadband plans and also advance payment schemes offered with discount on annual payment of monthly rental charges.

BSNL fiber disconnection: If customer notices any type of broadband / ftth disconnection can contact nearest service center or else lodge a complaint at BSNL broadband plans customer care number 1800 345 1504.

BSNL fiber high speed internet: No telecom operator is offering high speed internet services at affordable rates. BSNL with its latest technology proved one of the best public telecommunications company in India for providing high speed internet plans at cheap rates. 

BSNL fiber to the home: BSNL over FTTH services offering high speed internet broadband services through optical wire cable starting from below Rs.500/- per month.

is BSNL fibernet available in my area   
Yes, BSNL is only the broadband service provider offering bharat fiber connections for new customers in all the areas of telecom circles according to the technical feasibility within 24 hours.

is BSNL fiber prepaid or postpaid   
BSNL broadband bharat fiber is a postpaid services offered monthly rental bill payment. BSNL also offering discount on monthly rental charges when a customer pays Fixed monthly charges in advance.

is BSNL fiber good for gaming   
Yes off-course, BSNL is leader in providing high speed internet services where customer can access internet without any interruption at time of movies download/gaming or watching movie online at OTT platform (Know more BSNL Offering Free Amazon prime premium subscription and Disney Hot-star subscription at free of cost following terms and conditions)

What are the payment options available for Broadband bill?
Half-Year broadband bill Prepayment scheme, Revised Annual broadband bill payment scheme.

How can I change my current plan to 6-months / Annual / 2-year / 3-year prepayment plan?
Customers can change their BSNL FTTH / BSNL broadband plan to a prepayment scheme by submitting a request to the nearest BSNL Customer Service Center. However, customers can change their existing FTTH / broadband plan online via the BSNL Self Care Portal without visiting the BSNL Customer Service Center.

I want to change my existing fiber connection to BSNL FTTH. Can I get the BSNL Bharat Fiber XYZ plan?
Yes. You can upgrade to BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) by choosing the Bharat Fiber xyz plan, where you can enjoy high bandwidth download speed and data usage with unlimited free voice calls to any network number in India.

How to check my BSNL bharat fiber booking status?
BSNL bharat fiber booking online services available across India for booking of new connection as well they can track their request form by vising   

How to check my BSNL bharat fiber data usage or broadband usage?
Simply by registering at providing information about the existing connection can track their daily/monthly or total data usage online.

Is there any website for BSNL bharat fiber online booking?
Yes, simply by visiting or search on google BSNL bharat fiber near me to register broadband / ftth new connection online.

BSNL fiber broadband plans Hyderabad: Customer should note that where there is a huge demand for high speed internet plans there telecom company launching cheapest and new broadband bharat fiber plans for new connection customers. Major cities in India like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore special circle broadband plans available.

AP BSNL broadband customer care number:Dial 1800 345 1504 toll free customer care number for andhra pradesh telecom circle customers for any faults, line or broadband disconnection issues.

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